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07/30/2014 at 5:21pm | posted by: Mike Corbett

Editor’s Column

Change is good. It keeps us fresh, brings on new ideas, shakes things up.  We’ve been seeing a bit of it around the county lately. We’ve welcomed two new chamber presidents in the past few months. Meet Kimberly Coveney from Sheridan and Bob DuBois (he says you can pronounce it any way you like) from
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07/30/2014 at 5:17pm | posted by: Rosalyn Demaree

There’s more than seed growing at Beck’s: The nation’s largest family-owned seed company is the pride of Atlanta

By Rosalyn Demaree   Few could have dreamed the future fields that Francis Beck was sowing when he planted 3 acres of hybrid corn in 1937.   It was the birth of Beck’s Hybrids, now the sixth largest seed company in the nation and the largest family owned one. Headquartered in Atlanta, the company has
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07/25/2014 at 5:07pm | posted by: Jeff Curts

Learn…Connect…Lead: The Hamilton County Leadership Academy

By Jeff Curts On a clear, spring day the tour bus rolled into the parking lot of Becks Hybrids, the Hamilton County-based company nestled in rural Atlanta (see page 14). Off stepped approximately 30 local businessmen and women, ready to discover and learn more about the area’s agricultural heritage and one of Hamilton County’s best
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07/20/2014 at 5:03pm | posted by: Deb Buehler

Sharing Bright Ideas: SparksTalks stimulate conversations about business and more….

By Deb Buehler   As a super-sized clock counts the minutes and seconds in the background, central Indiana business leaders and entrepreneurs step to the microphone to share ideas, special interests and stories with a curious crowd. The once a month evening event takes place at Moon Dog Tavern on 96th street where friends, colleagues
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07/03/2014 at 10:38am | posted by: Mike Corbett

The Pitch-In: Notes from all over the county

The City of Westfield selected Land Collective, based in Philadephia, as the lead design group for its Grand Junction Plaza project, citing its work on Eskenazi Hospital in Indianapolis as impressive. The city also announced a deal with the school district and private investors to move Westfield High School football stadium and develop the land
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07/01/2014 at 10:35am | posted by: Stephanie Carlson-Curtis

Getting a Kick out of Golf!: County’s first FootGolf course opens in Fishers

By Stephanie Carlson  A foot wedge* is legal in this new game of golf. Yes, you can actually use your foot to kick or putt your ball without incurring a penalty or being called a cheater. How can that be? Through the merging of two popular sports, soccer+golf=FootGolf, a unique game that is changing the
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06/27/2014 at 10:28am | posted by: Charles Waldo

Develop Your Pareto Potential: 12 tips to become an uncommonly high achiever

By Charles Waldo, Ph.D.             My article “Take Good Care Of Your Paretos” in the April/May issue of the HCBM discussed the findings of early 1900’s Italian economist Vilifredo Pareto that 80% of Italy’s total wealth was held by only 20% of the population.     Subsequent research revealed this same phenomenon in many other areas of
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06/24/2014 at 10:25am | posted by: Charles Giesting

Staying Out of Trouble: An E&C program lets others know where you stand

Charles  Giesting As I address the topic of ethics in this magazine, I will approach the issue from a slightly different perspective than Dr. Wilhelm, who has been writing this column for the past three years. Though I have academic experience as an adjunct professor, I have been a business ethics practitioner for the past
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06/21/2014 at 10:20am | posted by: Jeff Bell

8 Entrepreneurial Ideas: Simple ideas can lead to big profits

Jeff Bell   Becoming an entrepreneur, quitting your day job and starting your own business can be a big change in your career.  You want to take the step but don’t know how to keep one foot on the dock while you step into the proverbial “business owner” boat.   If you have talent, are
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