Filling the “Purpose Gap”

New program seeks to match people with their dream jobs

By Stephanie Miller

What is your purpose? How can you discover direction that will activate your innate talents and motivate your drive to create meaning in your life? So many of us ask these questions. Young people beginning the journey to fulfilling futures, as well as adults in the middle of their careers encounter obstacles that cloud their visions. A agent can lift the fog and help 

“Agents are not just for celebrities and sports stars,” asserts John Qualls, president of Eleven Fifty coding academy and technology entrepreneur. Qualls is launching a new venture that matches those searching for a first-time job or a new vocation with talent agents. Strategic coaches investigate more than ‘what do you want to be when you grow up’. The goal is to explore ‘what problems you want to solve’ in order to uncover untapped potential and determine a career appropriate for the focus on your mission.

“ is designed help people find purpose, help employers find people that want to be in their line of work and place job seekers in a vocation where they are passionate about who they are and what they are doing.” Qualls and his partner, Brent Shopp noticed a “purpose” gap and are determined to provide resources that will benefit both prospective employees and employers.

“Kids today are better educated than they have ever been, but they are not getting the skills required to find their purpose,” explains Qualls. intends to provide relevant efficient skills training that successfully puts individuals on meaningful career paths.

Finding your “why”

Qualls understands first-hand how difficult it can be to find a job that you are so passionate about it becomes your vocation, and how failure can be the catalyst to finding your why.

As a teenager, he did not do well in school and enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps. During his six years in the military he performed training operations and became familiar with technology. Upon his departure from the military in 1993, Qualls married and worked in the insurance and finance industry. However, he was always drawn to technology.

He quit his job, refinanced his house and set out seeking a career in the field of tech. After hearing a company CEO talk on database driven websites, he engaged in selling the technology. Later, Qualls started a consulting firm that failed. In the midst of the breakdown of his company, he was determined to find new employment for those people who lost their jobs. “Getting people a job was something I found great pleasure in.”

After founding several more tech companies, Qualls connected with Scott Jones who asked him to become president of Eleven-Fifty Academy, a non-profit boot-camp style coding school that provides a submersive experience where attendees learn pertinent coding skills required to get hired and be successful.

“I needed a progressive leader who could think way-outside-the-education-box with me to create world class solutions for really hard problems that even longstanding institutions have not figured out,” says Eleven Fifty Academy Founder Scott Jones. “John was a natural fit.”

Watching students learn, excel, find employment and apply new found skills in their vocations reignited the training fire and fueled the flame. “Young people with a four-year college education hit the market and can’t find a job. We help them get the training they need to develop skills and find their purpose which leads to a satisfying career,” explains Qualls.

The process:

  • My Agent introduces individuals to an advisor who asks questions designed to reveal aspirations, evaluate skills and provide tools necessary to obtain the ability required to achieve a desired vocation. The mission is to place people in the right job for the right reasons.
  • My Hire teams with companies looking for talent. seeks to deliver value and does not charge companies until a new employees stays in the job for a length of time and it is confirmed that the union is a good fit for both employer and new hire.
  • My Talent helps companies and clients define the purpose of a job. believes people want to be important to an organization, know exactly why they are doing what they are doing and how their work is beneficial.
  • Adulting Classes will teach job seekers how to communicate, interview, negotiate a salary, and how to get loans as well as numerous important life skills not taught in the traditional education system.

“We really want to focus on people at the front end of their careers,” says Qualls. He and Shopp, plan to identify 100 individuals that want to participate in the subscription-based programs at no charge when it launches in December. “People want to be happy and valued. Everyone needs to have a life’s work worth doing and feel like their work has meaning.”