Editor's Column - Mike Corbett

Welcome to our Tenth Anniversary edition.

I started this magazine in August, 2008, at the beginning of the Great Recession. At the time I was publishing the Noblesville Daily Times and we were seeking ways to diversify our product offerings. Later that month, the owners of the newspaper closed it and I ended up with this magazine and our annual Welcome to Hamilton County Community Guide.

Mike Corbett

Our first cover featured Hamilton Town Center, which had just opened at Exit 10 in Noblesville (now Exit 210). St. Vincent’s was preparing to open in October and IU Health Saxony (then Clarian Health) was still a plan. Fishers was still a town with a very suburban-style government center and a train station that housed its Chamber of Commerce.

In Carmel, The Palladium was still a field next to the Monon Trail, City Center was under construction, single story structures were yielding to high rises on Main Street and no one had heard of Midtown yet. There were just a handful of roundabouts in Carmel and none elsewhere in the county. Keystone Parkway was punctuated with traffic signals every mile or two. Grand Park was still farm fields. There was only one brewpub in the county (Barley Island in Noblesville).

There were six Chambers of Commerce in the county (since combined into four) and we partnered with them to tie together the business community through a bi-monthly glossy business report, direct mailed to their members. Over the years we have added and subtracted featured content and advertising but we have never missed an issue. One advertiser and one writer have appeared in all 61 issues so far: Logan Street Signs and Banners and David Heighway, the county historian.

Chamber members receive this magazine as a benefit of belonging to the chamber, so we receive very little subscription revenue. Advertising pays the bills and I am very grateful to those businesses who choose us as a marketing vehicle. We reach a great audience: business owners and managers in Indiana’s most affluent county, but advertisers have many options and they choose us. Thank you.

From a personal perspective, I have worked this job longer than I have any other in my career. I don’t just like it, I love it. Love being my own boss, love the variety, the people I interact with, love telling stories about Hamilton County businesses. It’s a great gig. It has given me the opportunity to pursue my own passions and ambitions, like running for mayor of Noblesville, which I will be doing again next year.

I am grateful to the chambers and their membership for allowing me to pursue this American Dream for the past decade. My writers, printers, designers, columnists, salespeople and colleagues have all been top-notch and helped contribute to our success. Thank you all. I have no idea what will happen over the next ten years, but I am confident they will hold as much adventure, stimulation and opportunity as the last ten. Bring it on.

See you around the county,