Editor's Column - Mike Corbett

Deadlines and commitments 

Editor Mike CorbettWhat to leave in…what to leave out… 

Those lines from the Bob Seger classic Against the Wind have been running through my mind for the past several days. 

Editing is all about choices and we had to make some tough ones for this edition. The seed for our cover story was sown by Shauna Metzger, owner of Li’l Bloomers in Noblesville. Li’l Bloomers has been open about a year and the beauty of talking to new business owners is hearing their new perspectives. 

It seemed to Shauna that more businesses in Noblesville’s downtown were owned by women than you might expect. I started doing an informal inventory in my mind and I had to agree with her. There are lots of them. Sounds like a story, I said to myself. So she and I agreed to collaborate on the story and find out if our perceptions were true. 

That’s where the choices come in. Does downtown include more than the Courthouse Square? How far off the square do we count? Are we talking just retail or services businesses that may not have storefronts? Does “woman-owned” mean owned solely by a woman or do partnerships with husbands, siblings and significant others count? There’s a lot to consider and we quickly realized we couldn’t conduct a totally inclusive inventory of woman-owned businesses. 

So I’d like to offer a framework for this edition’s cover story: it’s a feature about the preponderance of woman-owned businesses in downtown Noblesville, but it’s not meant to be exhaustive. We couldn’t possibly cover every woman-owned business so we didn’t try. We took a sampling and provide some insights. We did try to invite as many women as we could think of to the cover photo shoot (thank you Shauna!). However, some couldn’t make it, some didn’t get the memo and no doubt we just missed some. 

To those we missed, I apologize. But it doesn’t change the gist of this edition’s cover story, which is that women are having a huge impact on business in downtown Noblesville. That is worth celebrating, especially in October, which is national Women in Business Month. Cheers!

It’s Budget Season 

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