Editor's Column - Mike Corbett

It’s good to be back.

Editor Mike Corbett

I’ve had several people mention that they miss my column in this magazine, which I discontinued last year when we cut our page count in response to a drop in ad revenue. The revenue hasn’t come back yet, so pages aren’t back up, but I managed to carve out some space in this edition anyway because I miss writing this column.

And, like most everyone, I seem to have time on my hands these days. The coronavirus threat has intruded into our lives so profoundly that we will be living with its effects for years to come. This magazine goes to press two weeks before you receive it in the mail and things change so rapidly on this topic that we can’t hope to offer any timely news. You’ll have to look to your newspapers or online for that.

But we can offer some perspective from Hamilton County businesspeople who are faced with the task of reopening after a historical economic shock that took a majority of businesses to the mat. Hamillton County isn’t unique in its suffering but I think Ann Cinnamon does a good job in our cover story of distilling a cross section of our business community.

A few thoughts:

I know many people, especially in the business world, feel the strategy of closing down the economy was an overreaction to the coronavirus threat. I can’t disagree with that; we probably did overreact. But under the circumstances I can’t blame those decision makers for erring on the side of caution. The virus is an invisible killer that was infiltrating our social circles before we even knew it was happening. Drastic measures were called for and it’s hard to second guess someone who is infringing our freedoms in an effort to save lives. Presumably we’ll know more next time and will be able to take a more measured approach.

It amazes me this took 100 years to happen. Apparently the last pandemic of this magnitude was the Spanish flu in 1918. How in the world did we manage to skip five generations before it happened again? Especially when you consider how easily people have been moving around the world over that time…much more easily than when air travel was in its infancy. I guess we were lucky….until we weren’t.

It’s still early in the recovery, too early to tell what the long term effects will be. I’m an optimist by nature and I have an abiding confidence in the capitalist system, the character of America’s business community and in the American consumer. The fundamentals of our economy remain strong and I predict the recovery will be the much-anticipated V-shape: a quick recovery after a quick decline. You can quote me on that.

We continue to publish this magazine on our regular schedule but we have delayed our other publication, the annual Welcome to Hamilton County Community Guide. It serves the tourist, service and dining industries, which have been severely impacted by the pandemic. Now that those businesses are reopening they need marketing more than ever, so we’ll publish that this summer and we are happy to offer generous payment terms to help those businesses get back on their feet.

I want to personally thank our advertisers who are sticking with us on this roller coaster ride. They are among those who will be best-positioned to take advantage of the upside as we emerge from the tunnel. You’ve heard it before but it bears repeating: we’re all in this together, let’s help each other thrive in the coming months and years.

See you around the county